Random Game Finder
Last update: August 15, 2023

min 10, max 50

Random Games Finder

Are you prepared to discover something new? Dive into the world of the Dotrand randomizer, where you can explore an huge collection of games without any specific order. Apply your desired filters, then click 'find' to unveil a realm of intriguing finds.

100,000+ games

Our database has all video games from 1958 - 2024. All game's data have been carefully clean and organize into genres, play modes and platforms.

💎 Find the hidden gem 💎

By default, you can find 10 games at once but you can adjust the number of games to maximum 50 per search. With the huge amount of games in our database, the chance of getting two identical games are very low. Who knows, you might even unearth a hidden gem amid this treasure trove of extensive data!

This tool is useful when you don't have any name that comes up in your head, but only knowing exactly about the genre, the platform or the play mode of the game that you want to play next. But if you already have a list of games and just don't know which one you should play first then you can check out our Random Wheel.

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