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Generated data is

DotRand provides the random fake data that totally valid with any validator libraries or tools.

to multi formats.

Bulk Data Generator can export to multi formats. Dotrand currently supports export to JSON and CSV formats.

Comes with the best

DotRand games are built on top of the random algorithm to give you the best random game with an amazing UI and UX.


All Generated Data has Realistic Looking.

Power of Randomness at Your Fingertips
Our free random generator tool is as simple as it is powerful. It's the magic wand for developers, web designers, and anyone else needing a quick, reliable source of random data. You can wave goodbye to coding headaches and say hello to project efficiency. Learn more
Versatile Mock Data for Every Project
Need a list of email addresses for testing your latest email marketing software? Or perhaps a set of random phone numbers for your new CRM system? How about a collection of dummy credit card numbers for your payment gateway? Our random generator tool delivers all these and more in just a few clicks. Learn more
Safe, Secure, and Reliable
No need to worry about data protection issues or breaches of privacy. Our random generator tool creates mock data that's completely fictitious (but still has valid format). Learn more
Data Privacy and Security
No need to worry about leaking your personal information. All the data has been generated on your machine and we don't know or don't send any information back to our server. Learn more
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